Free Student Union Election in Falgun

Tribhuvan University will be holding Free Student Union's Election in campuses in the coming months of Falgun.

The University Welfare and Sports Directorate have directed the campus to circuits campus to prepare for FSU elections on Sunday.
Free Student Union Election TU Nepal
T.U. has urged preparations for the new election, saying that the 2 years' tenure of current cadres of the FSU will end on Falgun 18, 2075. The date has not been declared even if the TU FSU elections will be held in the month of Falgun.

In the letter sent by Chief of the Director Ganga Bahadur Magar, it has been asked to prepare for the -election. T.U. had held the last election on Falgun 18, 2073. There is a provision for students to be within 28 years of age to be candidates in the FSU.

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