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नमस्ते, मा तपाईंलाई हार्दिक स्वागत छ । तपाईं यो ब्लगमा विभिन्न लेखका साथै लोकसेवा सामाग्रीहरु पढ्न सक्नुहुनेछ । कृपया Menu मा गएर आफूले पढ्न खोजेको Category छान्नुहोस् वा Search box मा आफूले चाहेको विषयबस्तुको कुनै Keyword खोज्नुहोस् । ब्लग सम्म आइदिएर यहाँ भ‍एका सामग्री पढ्नुभएकोमा धन्यवाद ।

Tootle & Pathao Motorcycle Taxi Service

A motorcycle registered with a private number plate can hire passengers?

Instead of Monorail, Motorcycle debate has been started in Nepal today. Police administration and government officials are in a position not to carry passengers in motorcycles but the private sector is in favor of using motorcycles for rent and carrying passengers.

Motorcycles taxi services are found in India's Goa. It's cheaper than other taxi services. The color of the rental taxi should be yellow and black. In the last years, various companies in India have also started providing various services. 8 states have provided impartiality for business purposes for two passengers.

In the Middle East, the rental motorcycle is a common thing. In most cities of Cambodia, a motorcycle taxi is taken as a cheap public transport. It is used in the street with tourist area, office buildings and public markets as well as residential houses. Drivers have been uniforms. Helmets are essential to the driver. Travelers can also helmets for their safety.

Motorcycle taxi is known as a means of transportation without a compulsory license in Indonesia. It is known as 'Ozake'. Chinese bikes are also used as rentals in Indonesia, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and other motorcycles.

Hire of motorcycles in Vietnam is considered normal. Similarly, Asia's Thailand, not only the Philippines but also in the European Union of Sweden.

In South America of Brazil, motorcycle taxi has begun since 1994. The Bank of Brazil has started renting ten motorcycles and renting them. This business began in 1996 from Bajaur, Sao Paulo, etc. Now there is a motorcycle taxi service in all cities. In the year 2009, the Parliament has made the criteria for a motorcycle taxi driver.

Similarly, there are about 1,000 hire taxi drivers in Mexico. Millions of motorcycles are operating in Nigeria and Laos.

In the African countries, hire motorcycles are in practice. The motorbike in Nigeria is called 'Okada'. In the boundary of Yuganda and Kenya, the motorcycle of the rental is known as Boda-Boda.

In London, a motorcycle has been used since 1990. Even in California, New York City, USA, the rental motorcycle has started in 2011.

In Cameroon, a motorcycle taxi is considered common public transport. There are up to four children riding a motorcycle.

In Nepal, there have been two reactions regarding whether or not to be used for hire of motorcycles or red motor vehicles.

Note: the solution of issues

The tradition of transporting passengers in motorcycles for business was not quite earlier. If the driver of the village got found in the village, the practice of raising hands by lifting hands and offering free offerings to the nearby market was running for many years.

In particular, when the earthquakes of 2072 and then due to lack of oil by Indian counterparts, the cities began to beg and demand to lift for motorcycles. There was no transaction on lifting.

However, in some places in Nepal, motorcycles have run on rental since earlier. As a motorcycle has been providing professional service from Jomsom to Muktinath Mustang. The government has not made any statement on it.

The government tried to control the time when private companies used to rent a motorcycle at the time called 'Tootle' and 'Pathao' apps, this debate came to the surface. Officials are in favor of declaring it unconscious and four Nepali taxi businessmen have been protesting in their own interest.
The constitution has provided Nepali rights as "the right to employment". In this situation, if a citizen asks for a person to hire and rent someone in his motorbike, then can the state stop it? This is a matter of debate. However, we have presented the above examples on how to do so.

For example, some of the people from Bharatpur Chitwan went to Mandi and if a motorcyclist was willing to take a cheaper hire than the bus, the passenger also convinced, then the government could stop it? This is a matter of debate.

Is there in Nepal as in Indonesia, a motorcyclist that can be used to drive passengers as full-time employment? This is also a matter of debate.

However, It is not only a matter of debate "a motorcycle can transport a public passenger or not", but it is also a topic concern with online business and new innovation company. The state must make a rule and should be brought to the area of tax and revenue.
Tootle and Pathao Debate for Public Passenger Transport on Private Bike

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