Facts about Koshi River

  • It is the biggest river in Nepal.
  • Koshi is one of the three first grade rivers in Nepal.
  • Its electricity generating power is estimated to be 22,000 megawatts.
  • 33,000 square kilometer is irrigated by this river. 
  • It is called as "Damodar River" in  India.
Photo: Side View of Koshi Bridge; Source: Wikipedia Commons

  • It is also called sorrow of Bihar because it destroys a huge amount during the rainy season. 
  • It has seven sub rivers which are Tamor, Arun, Dudh Koshi, Likhu, Tama Koshi, Suna Koshi, Indrawati. So it is also called as Saptakoshi, whose meaning is Seven Koshi. The biggest sub river is Arun and smallest sub river is Likhu.
  • Its name is also popular as it has the second biggest record after Hwang-ho river of China in sand supply.

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