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Safe Laboratory Practice

      Never mouth-pipette, Use safe measuring and dispensing devices like Capillary and micropipette fillers, Pipettors, Specimen measuring syringes, Reagent dispensers etc.
      Do not eat, drink, smoke, store food, or apply cosmetics in the working area of the laboratory.
      Use an aseptic technique when handling specimens and culture.
      Always wash the hands after handling infectious material, when leaving the laboratory and before attending to patients. Cover any open wound with a waterproof dressing.
      Wear appropriate protective clothing when working in the laboratory. Ensure it is decontaminated and laundered correctly.
      Wear protective gloves, and a face mask, for involving direct contact with infectious materials.
      Minimize the creation of aerosols.
      Centrifuge safely to avoid creating aerosols.
      Do not use chipped or cracked glassware and always deal with a breakage immediately and safely.
 Avoid spillages by using racks to hold containers.
 Work neatly and keep the bench surface free of any unnecessary materials.                                                       
Safe Laboratory Practice
Figure: Bio-hazard Sign 
      Decontaminate work surfaces at the end of each day’s work and following any spillage of infectious fluid.
      Report immediately to the laboratory officer in charge, any spillage or other accident involving exposure to infectious material.
      Use and control an autoclave correctly.
      Dispose of laboratory waste safely.
      Do not allow unauthorized persons to enter the working area of the laboratory.
      Ensure technical and auxiliary staff working in the laboratory receive appropriate immunizations. Those at increased risk of acquiring infections, e.g. immuno-compromised persons, should not work in a laboratory handling infectious material.

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