Brahmin's daughter wins in 'Dalit Women Member', such is the story

Gulmi. She is the daughter of Pokharel Tharki (Jaisi Chhetri) Brahmin, who was elected as a 'Dalit woman member' from the ward of Gulmi in the local level election this time.

The question immediately arises as to how the daughter of such a Brahmin was elected as a Dalit woman member. But she has gained the right to be a Dalit woman member.

Because she has an inter-caste marriage with the youth of the Dalit community. She is Mina Pokharel Pariyar, 21, of Dhurkot village municipality-6 of Gulmi.

She got married to her neighbor Narayan Pariyar in 2074 BS at the age of 16. In that ward, three women had been nominated for the post of Dalit women member.

Madhu Darji is an independent candidate. Parvati Bik from the Nepali Congress and Mina Pokhrel Pariyar from the CPN-Maoist Center were the candidates for Dalit women members.

The final result was that independent candidate Madhu Darji got 24 votes. Congress's nearest rival Parvati BK got 426 votes. Maoist Mina Pokhrel Pariyar got 899 votes. In other words, Pokhrel Pariyar defeated BK of the Congress by more than double the number of votes. She defeated BK by 473 votes.

Mina Pokharel Pariyar, who won the most popular vote in the ward, said, "I agreed to contest the election. Pushkar Sir gave me a lot of encouragement." I woke up from his inspiration. But I didn't think I would win and I won by so many votes. She thanked Khadka saying that she got the opportunity to be a people's representative inspired by her neighbor teacher and journalist Pushkar Khadka.

Pushkar Khadka, who is also a teacher and a member of the Press Center Nepal, says, Since then, she has been actively showing social service activism by organizing women against injustice and oppression against women and Dalits.

She did not have to face much of a challenge when marrying the son of a Dalit from a Brahmin Pokharel family like her mother, who was once considered an ethnic fanatic. She was married to Narayan Pariyar while studying in class 10 at Dhur High School.

Since I was in high school, Mina says, “I have been a member of Akhil Krantikari, a student organization of the Maoists. Gradually, I liked the politics of the Maoists very much and I started getting organized. Now that the ward members have won by a wide margin, there is hope that I will be able to reach the top in the coming days. '

According to the information received so far in Gulmi, he is also the youngest winning candidate. Krishna Nepali of UML has won the ward chairmanship again after an alliance was formed between his party Maoist Center and UML in his ward.

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