Gulmi's Resunga Airport

The construction work of Resunga Airport has reached the final stage. Work on the airport's terminal building and runway is almost complete, while tower construction remains to be done.

Currently, the work of retaining wall around the airport, blacktop of runway, construction of external sewer, construction of terminal building and runway marking have been completed.

Civil construction work has been completed at the airport, which has been under construction since 2063 BS, said Resunga Airport Assistant Project Chief Dinesh Pariya.

After the test flight of Tara Air in June 2075, it was hoped that the airport would be operational now. But despite repeated commitments, regular flights have not taken place.

Mani Pandey, a local, said that the citizens would not have to suffer to get quality health care as the airport came into operation as soon as possible.

Ishwori Prasad Poudel, president of the Gulmi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that the airport came into operation as soon as possible due to the large number of religious and tourist areas in the district.

He said that the failure of the construction company to complete the work on time had raised fears among the locals that the airport would not be built. However, Poudel stressed that the technical work should be completed and brought into operation even if the construction work is completed now.

Local Sita BK said that the airport in Gulmi is important as there is no access to health services in the district. She said that it would be easier to get health care if it could be brought into operation soon.

The runway at Resunga Airport is 520 meters long and 20 meters wide. Dinesh Pariyar, assistant project chief of Resunga Airport Gulmi, said that Rs 329 million has been spent on the construction of the airport so far.

The foundation stone of Resunga Airport was laid in 2063 BS by Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Pradip Gyawali. However, the construction work of the airport started only after 2072 BS, even though the foundation stone was laid in 1963 BS, said Pariyar.

The project has stated that the construction work of the airport has been delayed due to the Corona epidemic. Compensating for the construction of Resunga Airport, 14 houses have been displaced and land of 28 families has been acquired.

Mayor of Resunga Municipality Khil Dhwaj Panthi said that the flight will be operated as soon as possible by cooperating with the concerned agencies. He said that even if the construction work is delayed due to construction professionals, the flight should not be delayed.

Even though it was said that regular flights would be operated in April this year, the flight could not be operated due to the delay of the construction company.

Resunga Airport Gulmi

Resunga Airport Gulmi

Resunga Airport Gulmi

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