Arrangement to keep the health details of the patients digitally in Gulmi Hospital

Gulmi Hospital
Arrangement to keep the health details of the patients digitally in Gulmi Hospital

District Hospital Gulmi has further refined the health information system. The hospital has upgraded its electronic medical records system to a web-based system to keep important health details of patients digitally. This will make it easier to diagnose and treat patients.
In the upgrade of the health information system, two important features including health insurance and DHIS-2 integration have also been implemented.

The Health Insurance Board has launched an integrated system to enable health insurance-enabled patients to view the remaining insurance facility amount and also to make insurance claims digitally through EMR software.

It has become possible to upload the patient's bill directly from the health information system without having to scan and upload each patient's bill. This will save time as well as solve the problem of the hospital having to bear the loss due to not being able to claim insurance within the stipulated time limit as in the past.

Similarly, DHIS-2 Integration has now integrated the Hospital Information System with the Government of Nepal's HMIS Reporting Platform. The hospital's medical recorder can send monthly reports directly to the DHIS-2 platform through the hospital's health information system. Due to this, there is no need to collect data from each branch and enter manual data on DHIS-2 platform as in the past.

The hospital is also planning to launch online appointment and portal services for the convenience of patients. Through this, patients will be able to book appointments and pay consultation fees at home through their mobile wallet with the doctor of their choice working at the hospital, while patients will also be able to view their lab test reports online from home.

These services are operated in collaboration with Gulmi Hospital, Nick Simons Institute and Cogent Health, a company providing electronic medical record (EMR) software services in hospitals.

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