What kind of knowledge and support do children get when they grow up under the umbrella of their grandparents?

The foundation of the family is connected with the elders. It is said that a family is complete only if there are grandparents in the house. Grandparents are like the roots that can keep the family strong like a tree.

While the sons and daughters in one house are busy with work, children's studies and sports, the senior citizens in the same house are taking care of them directly and indirectly.

The contribution of senior citizens is important to bring the family together. Children brought up in joint families get high culture from their grandparents, which plays a big role in shaping their character.

Psychologist Sandesh Dhakal says that when something difficult happens in the family, it is good for senior citizens to use their understanding to get the family out of trouble.

"The life of the elderly is full of experience, they have seen many sunshines and shadows in life, so they have the ability to solve problems," he says.

According to Dhakal, the elderly have acquired the knowledge of what to do when they go through every ups and downs of life. Therefore, they can be called a storehouse of knowledge. Therefore, no matter what needs to be done in the family, the advice of the elders is taken.

The senior members are like Google of the house

During the development of children, they are curious about what is happening around them. They are curious about things seen in the society, physical development, various situations in the family and festivals. The interpretation and analysis of that curiosity can be done easily by the elderly just as they can easily find anything when searching on Google. Psychologist Dhakal says that because of this their thoughts and ideas can gradually develop.

Also, if there is a retired or stay-at-home elder in the family, it is more beneficial for the children who grow up in that house. Since they have time, they can answer the small questions that come to the minds of children in a way that they can understand. Elderly people can spend the whole day with fun during this teaching.

According to Dhakal, if there is only one parent in a small family and both are employed, there is a situation where they cannot give proper time to their children even if they want to. Behaviors like sometimes answering when busy, sometimes not giving, sometimes asking later, they start to leave and the thinking that they should not be told can develop in children.

Psychologist Dhakal says that if children are allowed to watch TV or use mobile phones to distract them, a single solution can turn children away. Therefore, you should listen and understand them as much as possible, this will strengthen the relationships in the family.

Makes creative and spiritual

Since the elders are more interested in religious activities, the children and grandchildren raised in such homes may also be inclined towards spirituality. This gives them moral knowledge, which can distinguish between right and wrong.

In the house where there are grandparents, they can learn cooking from them. They may have the ability to make sweet food in a limited maramsala, which the descendants of that house get to learn," says Dhakal. They also get to learn creative work like sewing and knitting from their grandmother.

Sociologist Sanjay Sharma says that the elderly are the storehouse of knowledge. Knowledge such as how to behave with younger and older people, how to present things that you don't like can also be learned from the elders of the house. Even in every small and big decision at home, they can make a visionary decision that will not be regretted later.

If someone is sick in the house, grandparents have the ability to cure it with various herbs. If someone in the house catches a cold, the medicine of the grandparents can cure it. If you get injured, the herbs they have will heal you,' he says, 'Even when such children are born, they are brought up under their advice and supervision.'

Family love is also good when there is a senior citizen in the house. The love, love and care given to them by their grandparents and parents teaches them that they should also love others.

"selfless love"

When the age reaches the second half of life, the things to be done gradually decrease. In this case, what the elderly want is satisfaction. Sociologist Sharma says, 'All they want is satisfaction, which they get from their love for their children and seeing their bright faces. They love with selfless feelings, they think as much for the welfare of the family as no one else can.

Grandparents who have a close relationship with their grandchildren also learn about the modern environment from their grandchildren. Therefore, a family is completely intimate when there are grandparents in the house.

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