A number of Nepalese restaurants are closing their doors - protesting the news about the exploitation of workers

Finnish-favored Nepalese restaurants close their doors to protest because they experience their reputation.
Several Nepalese restaurants are closing their doors on Thursday as a news story about Nepalese restaurants.

Helsingin Sanomat released on Saturday 30.3. An article on Nepalese Restaurants, which explored the widespread and serious abuse of workers in several Nepalese restaurants. According to the story, the activity is run by a small group of owners with a close connection.
At least the Gurkha, Nepal, Kathmandu Palace, Koseli, Mero-Himal, Lali Gurans restaurants are closed.

The restaurants do not dispute the information in the article but emphasize that other restaurants should not suffer from the mistakes of others.

Restaurants have published a newsletter on their website or on Facebook telling about Thursday's protest. Among other things, the announcement on the website of Gurkha, one of the restaurants mentioned in the story, states that "the article dealt with two court judgments, but with the publication of the article an informal judgment was also given to more than 70 Nepalese restaurants operating in Finland".

The Royal Gurkha restaurant in Imatra responded by writing that it was "shocked" after reading the story. It wants to emphasize that it has no connection to the restaurants mentioned in the story and that it complies with Finnish law. The restaurant feels that the perpetrators should be punished.

According to protesting restaurants, the exploitation of workers must be punished and convicted of crimes. According to them, the exploitations described are shocking, and the cases must be tackled and accountable. Entrepreneurs emphasize their commitment to comply with Finnish law and the collective agreement in the field.

The restaurants consider that the message “the message is that similar abuse occurs in every Nepalese restaurant and that the reports represent an estimated 600 people working in Nepalese restaurants in Finland”. In their opinion, only the perpetrators should first investigate and judge.

- The impact is not limited to Nepalese-based restaurants, but to see the whole Nepalese community in Finland in the form of negative images.

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